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Investment Thesis

VERDEXUS is a private boutique, providing hands-on, “activist” investment to help build global leading scale up ventures, starting from an early stage. Founded in 2001 by international technology entrepreneurs who have founded and built global technology companies, VERDEXUS is distinguished by its strategic insights, with global partners. Our seasoned, operationally focused approach excels in turning strategy into execution and building new levels of strategic market value for our client and portfolio companies.

Historically, our focus has been on Enterprise SaaS opportunities, but through our active work with key early stage funds, we help enable the entire spectrum of the current innovation economy.
We have moved beyond our initial transatlantic investment focus to exclusively invest in Canadian opportunities, primarily in the key Toronto-Waterloo Tech Corridor.


(General Partner, VERDEXUS)

A prolific technology visionary, CEO, investor and philanthropist, Randall has a distinguished career  building and funding global firms based on innovation. Some current roles, both investment and operating include:

  • co-founder and General Partner at Archangel Adrenaline Fund which opens up the angel asset class uniquely using an passive “index” style model.
  • Since 2001, as Managing Partner at super-angel boutique, VERDEXUS, Randall has pioneered an “activist” model to choose, manage and monetize a portfolio of next generation companies.
  • co-founder and Partner at Cognition Fund planned to be a $150M venture fund to revolutionize deep IP commercialization around the University of Waterloo research and innovation.
  • From 1984 to 2001, co—founder and CEO of MKS Inc. a software company, a leader in Application Lifecycle Management, which he grew from scratch to a public company with US$50M in revenue with 7 acquisitions and 1 divestiture. In 2011, MKS was sold to PTC for US$304M.

Randall seeks to drive transformation across a broad spectrum from Social Finance to Angel Capital to accelerate the knowledge-based economy in Canada and beyond.

Randall was the 2014 Canadian Angel of the Year and 1997 High Technology Entrepreneur of the Year. He is an prolific board member, helping drive transformation in companies ranging between early stage startups, major innovation scale ups, to Gore Mutual Insurance Company. In the Waterloo-Toronto Tech Corridor, Randall is well known as a co-founder of Communitech and a major driver of GTAN, the local angel organization. Randall graduated from the University of Waterloo with an honours degree in computer science and mathematics.

Ecosystem Partners

Building great companies involves a collaboration of many strong ecosystem partners, including …